For Patients and Families

Our admissions process is designed to be smooth and straightforward so that patient’s can begin focusing on their treatment as soon as possible. The following is an overview of the process for both patients and their families.

  1. Preadmission Assessment
    An admissions representative begins the process by interviewing the patient either in person or by phone. The patient is asked to provide background information including details about any physical and mental health issues they’re facing. Our admissions personnel use this information to develop a patient profile which allows us to begin creating an individualized treatment plan customized to meet the patient’s specific needs. The information obtained in the preadmission interview is relayed to our team of clinicians who then design the most effective treatment approach possible for the patient. The preadmission assessment also gives patients and their families an opportunity to question staff about what they can expect over the course of their stay with us.
  2. Admission
    After our pre-assessment, patients set a date for admission. We attend to all the necessary paper work including insurance documentation. Our staff will then discuss the day-to-day routine of treatment and review the rules and protocols the patient needs to be aware of.

Families are encouraged to join the patient during admission in order to provide support, see our facilities and ask any questions they may.

  1. Introduction
    After admission, the patient’s treatment plan is completed. Once any remaining questions have been answered, family members say goodbye (temporarily) and the patient meets our other staff members as well as his or her fellow patients. If time permits the patient may join the others in that day’s group activities.
  2. Treatment
    Treatment follows the individualized plan drawn up by our team at the beginning of the patient’s stay. At Sovereign Health, we treat our patients with a wide range of evidence-backed and alternative therapies so that our patients may achieve and maintain a lifetime of recovery. As a patient progresses through treatment, their plan may be revised as necessary to better suit their needs.
  3. Family Involvement and Visitation
    Family involvement often makes a critical contribution to successful treatment. Family visits provide patients with valuable support and encouragement. Families also participate in family therapy sessions allowing each member to express themselves constructively in a structured setting.

Family visitation begins after the patient has been admitted and allowed time to first get adapted to the treatment process. Visiting days are on Saturday and Sunday. All visitors must first be approved by staff. Patients submit pass request forms to their primary therapist, which must be submitted no later than Wednesday prior to the weekend. Patients and visitors meet in designated areas. HIPAA rules prohibit visitors from visiting residences or other areas designated off-limits.

  1. Discharge
    A patient’s stay in treatment typically last between 30 and 90 days. When discharged, patients will have received the treatment and resources they need to enjoy lasting recovery. We offer continuing care services to our patients and encourage them to participate in support groups such as 12-step programs.

Family Welcome Packet
Sovereign Health provides families with the Family Welcome Packet containing information on the following:

Treatment timeline overview
Family involvement
Consent and release of information
Credit cards accepted
Dual diagnosis and mental health phase system
Group conduct rules
Residence rules
Contact information
Treatment locations
Each page has additional information that will help you learn more about treatment and gain insight into how important family participation is to the recovery process. You can view and download the packet here.

If you or a family member have any questions about the admissions process, please contact our 24/7 helpline.