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FouseyTube to join rehab soon for treatment of addiction and mental illnesses

“For years, I told myself it was time to check into a 60-90 day stay-in, rehab facility to combat my addiction, depression and bipolar. But my life moved fast. This is the year I take the time, say goodbye to life for a little while and check into rehab,” tweeted Yousef Saleh Erakat, commonly known as ‘FouseyTube’, sharing his decision to join a rehab facility to seek treatment for addiction, depression and bipolar disorder. The decision was taken by the renowned artist after seeking advice from his Twitter fans about the potential best rehabilitation centers for his problems.

An American YouTube prankster and vlogger, FouseyTube had revealed his addiction in 2015 on one of his YouTube Channels. Later in 2016, he publicized that he was also diagnosed with bipolar disorder and depression and claimed that he was winning over his condition. But, nothing worked and the YouTube star has now decided to check into a rehab facility to recover from his illnesses.

In 2017, Erakat’s battle with depression began to interfere with his professional life. The symptoms of the condition were so serious that the artist was unable to manage his channels for a duration of almost six months.

Journey of recovery to happen deep within self

The 27-year-old said that he had visited doctors and opted for various remedies looking for a quick fix for his illnesses. But, he soon realized that the “battle had to be won from deep inside”. Tired of trying to outpace his problems, by moving to the east coast, launching a number of family-leaning channels and experimenting to live as a homeless person, he will now seek a 60 or 90-day in-house stay. “We all got our own demons, battles, struggles. It’s on us to do something about it,” he said.

Before joining the rehab facility, he will continue to publish content for his 60,000 followers on his recently launched Twitch channel. Apart from his “Fortnite” streams, the artist also plans to purchase “God Of War” and hopes to complete the game.

Seeking help at the right time

Convincing an individual dealing with a mental illness to seek help is a tough task. The same gets tougher when he/she is also battling an addiction to a substance. FouseyTube is a perfect example of such people who are aware that there is a problem that exists but delay seeking the right kind of help.

It is important to understand that seeking expert advice at the right time can fasten recovery from both a mental illness and an addiction. Such cases, where a mental illness co-occurs with an addiction, are referred to as dual diagnosis. Generally, individuals battling a mental illness tend to self-medicate with alcohol, drugs or any other substance, to manage their symptoms. However, the opposite happens as substance use provides temporary relief and worsens the symptoms of mental illnesses in the long run.

Dealing with dual diagnosis

Co-occurring conditions, though complex, can be treated with the right combination of medicine and therapy. If you have a loved one suffering from dual diagnosis, the best way to help the concerned individual is by finding the best rehabilitation center in the U.S. that offers integrated treatment methodology for dual diagnosis treatment.

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